Wishlist Wednesday #2

Here we go again with the wishlist Wednesday! I am so pleased with how the last post went down, I loved hearing all of your wishlist items and might have bookmarked a few!
This weeks wishlist is heavily focused on spring – flowers, gingham and pink! My questions this week is: What are some of your fashion favourites for this month? And will you be dressing for the festive season? I haven’t added many of my festive wishlist items this week but starting December I will have A LOT!

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Wishlist Wednesday #1

Everyday I come across at least one thing that catches my eye and unfortunately I am not a millionaire (yet) so I have decided to come up with a new weekly segment on the blog! Seven wishlist items, one special piece of clothing/food/books/accessories for each day of the week. I hope I can add some new pieces to your current wishlist (just in time for Christmas) or even show you a new brand or two that you may have never heard of. What are some of your current wishlist items? I know a lot of mine at the moment are to do with Spring as it is starting to warm up in New Zealand – thankfully most of my wardrobe is adaptable and can transition nicely into the warmer months… that doesn’t stop me from wanting all of the halter neck dresses though!


Honey L’Amour & NFC Art and Designs – Big Hair Club T-shirt
WHY: When Honey L’amour first featured it on her Facebook I pretty much freaked out. It is an absolutely amazing collaboration between Honey L’amour (fashion designer/seamstress) and NFC Art and Designs (Artist) and it pretty much encapsulates everything I am or try to be. The sass, hair and the winged eyeliner are all of the #goals and to top it off it’s in pink! Just give it to me now!! (Top on my wishlist and will probably buy it before Christmas).
Honey L’amour Facebook
NFC Art and Designs Facebook

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