Miss Flossypots’ Bakes: Chelsea Buns

I originally wanted to bake cinnamon rolls yesterday but unfortunately I had only one tbsp of cinnamon left in the cupboard and it was a pajamas and gross hair kind of day. I wasn’t leaving the house ┬áso I had a rummage around in the cupboard and managed to find some sultanas, mixed peel (leftover from my Lemon Fudge Slice) and a bit of powdered ginger. I haven’t baked chelsea buns since my culinary arts course (we had a test on them)! And I remember absolutely loving them when I baked them – they’re just as good as the bakery, maybe even better. I omitted the sugar syrup glaze which creates a shine and a sticky texture because I felt it didn’t need it – if you want to here is a simple recipe┬áthat you just pour over the buns when they’re fresh out of the oven.

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I have always heard of these things called Whoopie pies and after a day of making a similar thing “brownie sandwiches’ in a cakery I decided it was time. I halved Martha Stewart’s basic whoopie pie recipe and a made up buttercream and incorporated some of my leftover crunchie bars (mmm yum) creating something great (modest); Whoopie pies with vanilla buttercream w/ crunchie chunks. The only way I can describe whoopie pies is that they’re like freestanding cupcakes -they’re light, fluffy and have a cake like texture. This was my first time baking them and due to my oven being Satan some of the bottoms (but not all thankfully) burnt – so please be careful! I wouldn’t attempt if your oven doesn’t distribute heat evenly (sooo annoying!!) All though they don’t look particularly fancy they taste almost luxurious and they have the perks/taste of cupcakes without messing around with fancy piping!