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Hop, skip & a jump! Welcome to the new range “Peter Rabbit & Other Stories” from Erstwilder in collaboration with our favourite childhood classics author Beatrix Potter. The incredibly talented Melbourne based team Erstwilder has done it again with another fabulous launch, this time taking Peter Rabbit & friends from illustration to life with resin cut brooches, earrings & a necklace!

As always Erstwilder has out done themselves, each piece from this launch is P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N filled with whimsy and the beautiful colours that we all associate with the Beatrix Potter tales. Each brooch comes with a special edition gift box and swing tag (of the original Peter Rabbit illustration). As you all know I have worked with Erstwilder in the past and this time is no different, I was #gifted three pieces from this range and it was an incredibly hard choice to make! I ultimately picked my favourites from childhood but I think I’ll be purchasing quite a few on launch day (especially Jemima – I NEED Jemima!!) Who have you bought? & Did you grow up reading the timeless tales by Beatrix Potter?

Benjamin Bunny
Benjamin Bunny is Peter Rabbits cousin or how I see it.. partner in crime – I personally believe Benjamin is the most mischievous out of the two. Benjamin was the naughty bunny who coerced poor Peter into going back to Mr. McGregor’s garden which ended up with Peter & Benjamin under a flowerpot with Mr. McGregor’s cat asleep on top of it! Benjamin Bunny will always be a favourite of mine with my brother having the same name – he’s equally as mischievous!

Mrs Tittlemouse
“She’s a terribly tidy, particular little mouse, always sweeping and dusting the soft sandy floors. If only those visitors didn’t leave such a mess.” Erstwilder had it spot on with Mrs. Tittlemouse’s bio – after rereading the Tales of Mrs. Tittlemouse I can honestly say I really resonate with her, as a child I thought she was rather mean but as I get into my mid twenties I can relate with her wanting a tidy house and no visitors!!!! Anyone else? Am I turning into Mrs. Tittlemouse? I definitely don’t think that’s a bad thing; look at that super cute outfit!

Tom Mittens
I LOVE this story. The tale of Tom Mittens is one of my favourites; it had me giggling like I did when I first read the story. I love a naughty cat and Tom and his sisters (Mittens & Moppet) did not disappoint. In the tale of Tom Mittens, the three kittens go out and ruin their fine attire (that mother, Tabitha Twitchit expressly told them to keep clean for visitors) and the clothes end up on the Puddle-ducks ( I love a crossover especially in the Beatrix Potter world). I’m huge fan of this brooch and I have a sneaking suspicion that this guy is going to sell out fast!!

So what do you think? Who’s your favourite? I can honestly say I don’t have a favourite because I love mine equally – all their stories are so cheeky and I just love each character in their own way. A huge thank you to Erstwilder for allowing me to go down memory lane with this fabulous and nostalgic range. It was so much fun and I really can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions!! I highly recommend rereading all of Beatrix Potter’s works, after you check out Erstwilder’s website of course!! ;P

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