Well I’m not going to pretend like I’m some car¬†aficionado but I do try to make it to the American Vehicle day every year even if it’s just to “ooh” and “aah” at all of the pretty cars. This year I went with my boyfriend and we thoroughly enjoyed it and as I blogged it last year I thought I would blog it this year just to keep the tradition alive! When you live in Karori getting to Trentham is quite the mission ESPECIALLY if you don’t own a car so in the early hours of the morning on Sunday (10.30) we took our first form of public transport for the day – the first of many. After the first bus we set out on our journey – the Upper Hutt line (train) it was a forty + minute ride but it was pretty stunning, the first half of the trip overlooked the Wellington harbour and on a sunny day it looks incredible (by chance it was sunny for the first time this summer). Continue reading “AMERICAN VEHICLE DAY 2017”


On the 7th of February 2016 the American Vehicle day took place at the Trentham racing course in Upper Hutt. The sun was out as were the doughnut and hot chip carts – I knew it was going to be a good day. I arrived fairly early but the place was already heaving with gorgeous cars and people; some dressed in casual attire and others had their hair slicked and there were even a few petticoats out and about!

I was greeted by the Glory Days booth manned by Claire, Miss Monique Sweet and Bettie Rage (celebrities in the pinup world) and was taken to a VIP room (so speciallll) that was setup for the Glory Days team and Miss Moonshines/ Rod and Custom contestants. From there I went out to take a look at the cars also taking photos of beautiful pinups in front of said cars and then went on to watch the Miss Moonshine / Miss Rod and Custom pageant.

Miss Salacious Sugar took the crown for Miss Moonshine and Dixie Deluxx took out Miss Rod and Custom – both stunning ladies! All entries were fabulous and did a great job of getting up on stage and strutting their stuff – so proud of them, I know it wouldn’t have been easy.

Big thanks to the Moonshine Rod and Custom club and the Glory Days¬†team for putting on such an awesome event that included everyone (which isn’t easy!) I can’t wait for next year! Any way moving on to the photos…

IMG_5005 Continue reading “AMERICAN VEHICLE DAY 2016”


On the 7th of February the Moonshine Rod and Custom club held the annual American Vehicle day, a fantastic event with food stalls, clothing, AMAZING cars and the Miss Moonshine/Rod and Custom pageant hosted by Glory Days Magazine. I attended and took a whole lot of photos which I have decided I will put out in a large blog post this Friday – so watch out for that! Anyway, Glory Days Magazine had the brilliant idea of hosting an after party at the Motel Bar (a tiki themed bar #glorious) and here’s what I wore to that.

I don’t own a lot of evening/formal wear, I usually dress up my day wear with jewellery and fancy hair which usually does the trick! But I recently purchased the PUG Ava swing dress in black (reviewed here) and I haven’t had many occasions to wear it so the Glory Days Miss Moonshine after party was definitely the perfect excuse! Below are some photos of me looking a bit glum after a long day in Upper Hutt (sometimes that much sun can wipe you out!) Also thanks to my gorgeous boyfriend for being my photographer for the night.

Dress: Ava swing dress from Pinup Girl Clothing
Bag: No label – taken from Mum’s wardrobe
Brooch: Nana’s!
Shoes: Number One Shoe Warehouse