Instagram deleted my account – but won’t tell me why? I need your help!

On the 22nd of December on the walk home from work my life came to a stop.. My @missflosspots instagram account was no where to be seen. So I tried to log in and what appeared was: no users found..

I turned to my boyfriend and asked him to look for my account and it was gone. After a long day of working retail at Christmas time, I was in utter shock. I had no emails from instagram, no warnings – nothing.

I was an account dedicated to sharing my vintage hairstyling and make up – what’s so vulgar about that?! I had recently worked my way up to 24,000 followers which I had worked hard to get by posting every single day pretty much for the last three years. My community that I had grown – gone in an instant. But why?!

I don’t know if you know this but trying to get hold of anyone from Instagram is like trying to walk on water – it’s impossible. I’ve spent the last week commenting on their social media posts, reporting problems on the app, emailing them and even created a post which over 100 users tag them to get their attention. Not a peep.

On the 26th I had one email from then saying I had broken their community guidelines but upon reading them, I know I hadn’t. Or at least I wasn’t given a warning so I could correct any wrong doing. I have tried to appeal this with no word, on their help website it says you can appeal but the information on the website is outdated.

Why am I writing a post on this? Because I want people going through this to know that they aren’t alone and I want to tell them to not give up. I have loved instagram, it was my life and a huge part of identity – I connected with my audience and collaborated with my favourite brands and that’s not something I’m giving up.

Be persistent and keep trying to get Instagram’s attention – they’re a huge company so sometimes we fall in between cracks but some times you have just got to rise up!

What I need from you:

Comment, like, share – anything to draw attention to this blog post so someone from Instagram’s social will see it.

Thank you,