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I don’t think I have ever taken this much of a break here on Miss Flossypots but with the move and lack of internet (over a month now – thanks Slingshot for being rubbish) I haven’t had a chance! I’m still without internet so I’m not back to my regular schedule just yet but here’s a post to get your through. Without internet I have had to venture outdoors (into the real world – oh god) and find my entertainment elsewhere so on a boring Sunday Sam (the boyf) and I dragged ourselves down to the gorgeous Wellington Botanic Gardens to soak up the sun and get some OOTD photos with a glorious backdrop.

I have set myself a challenge this year to go out of comfort zone and wearing a dress without sleeves is in another galaxy to my usual sleeved comfort zone. So I had to document this momentous occasion and guess what? It wasn’t that bad, I didn’t get weird looks from strangers (other than the fact I dress like I’m in the 1950’s and I’m used to that) and no one died, so it went pretty darn well. Anyway – enough with words here are some photos from the day. Thanks to my gorgeous boyfriend Sam for taking most of these.

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On the 7th of February 2016 the American Vehicle day took place at the Trentham racing course in Upper Hutt. The sun was out as were the doughnut and hot chip carts – I knew it was going to be a good day. I arrived fairly early but the place was already heaving with gorgeous cars and people; some dressed in casual attire and others had their hair slicked and there were even a few petticoats out and about!

I was greeted by the Glory Days booth manned by Claire, Miss Monique Sweet and Bettie Rage (celebrities in the pinup world) and was taken to a VIP room (so speciallll) that was setup for the Glory Days team and Miss Moonshines/ Rod and Custom contestants. From there I went out to take a look at the cars also taking photos of beautiful pinups in front of said cars and then went on to watch the Miss Moonshine / Miss Rod and Custom pageant.

Miss Salacious Sugar took the crown for Miss Moonshine and Dixie Deluxx took out Miss Rod and Custom – both stunning ladies! All entries were fabulous and did a great job of getting up on stage and strutting their stuff – so proud of them, I know it wouldn’t have been easy.

Big thanks to the Moonshine Rod and Custom club and the Glory Daysย team for putting on such an awesome event that included everyone (which isn’t easy!) I can’t wait for next year! Any way moving on to the photos…

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21 Moments

Growing up I had always wanted one of those gorgeous/eventful 21st that those girls did in those American teen flicks. The big party, mass amounts of people and vast amounts of alcohol but as I got nearer to the big day I realized I didn’t actually want to do that. I’m a bit of an old grandma, I’m not much of a party animal and I’m pretty introverted. So I decided just to have a chilled day with my parents; exploring Otaki and stopping in at a fruit picking place. P.S I wasn’t actually grumpy in the photos taken of me, I was trying to teach my parents how to take a photo plus it was STINKIN’ HOT.

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