Lady Voluptuous – Lyra dress in Cute Confectionery

Lady Voluptuous – Lyra dress in Cute Confectionery

Donut worry be happy! Lady Voluptuous has recently released a new line of the amazing Lyra dress and I’m pretty dang excited. I absolutely love the Lyra dress style and I’ve reviewed it previously on my blog so when I saw the print ‘cute confectionery‘ I knew I had to have this dress. As luck would have it, when I commented on one of their stories I was asked if I’d like to collaborate and of course I said yes! If you’ve been following me awhile now you’ll know that I love Lady V London/Lady Voluptuous and have done for probably 3 years now and I feel very comfortable recommending their products to my audience – because they’re great. I own another Lyra dress in summer cherish which I reviewed with my first impressions as it was my first Lyra. All Lyra dresses are created equal – the prints just change and I’ll tell you what, my overly anxious mind really loves knowing that a product is going to have the same fit and it’s going to look just as good but in a different print – I know what works for my body and it gives me confidence in my online shopping! 

All Lyra dresses are made from 96% polyester & 4% elastine which means you don’t have to iron it and I kind of absolutely love that. There’s stretch in the material too so if you’re between sizes you could probably size down, I’m a size 14 in the Lyra – as the Lyra was only recently released in a 14. The Lyra dress is a staple to many as it’s available in sizes UK14 – 32, and that’s what I love about this brand; it’s so inclusive for so many people. To me the Lyra dress is a little like the ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ this dress literally looks good on every single person I’ve seen it on – trust me, I’m a professional.  

Something I didn’t know which is pretty flipping amazing is that one of my favourite bloggers Georgina Horne from the blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust in collaboration with Lady V created Lady Voluptuous and when I think about it, it all makes sense! There is no one better to design a range of dresses for someone who has curves! And she models them – that makes me love her even more! 

“I wanted to design dresses that plus size women had maybe not had the option of wearing before. Figure hugging, fab prints, great necklines – options, exclusively in dress sizes, and all made right here in the UK! It’s been pretty wonderful to tip ideas out of my head and onto paper and then see them come to life on the hanger and on my body. I hope to make plus size women feel beautiful and sexy and in love with their bodies in these creations.”.

Georgina Horne

I know I mention this every time I write about Lady Vintage BUT, it’s super important for me to acknowledge it! Lady Vintage (and the names under that roof like Lady Voluptuous) are all made in London, England, which means they’re all ethically made and workers are paid correctly. If you would like to see more of how the garments are actually made feel free to read this article on their website:

All “Lady Vintage” dresses are designed and manufactured in the heart of London as we strongly believe in supporting local British Businesses and British Workers. We are proud that our dresses are made in the UK’s capital and that we are able to provide work for many people in our country and support the British economy.
Manufacturing in London means that we are able to liaise directly with the workers, and oversee quality control ourselves – which is one of the many reasons by Lady Vintage Dresses are such high quality! Having “Lady Vintage” made in London also means we are able to introduce new dresses, and restock popular dresses more frequently. With your support we can keep Lady Vintage in London and help boost London’s clothing manufacturing industry

Lady Vintage 

Let me know which Lady V London or Lady Voluptuous dress you’re after at the moment.. I may have been a little naughty and bought one of their new Christmas dresses that are available on pre-order because how could I not? Lady V London ships worldwide y’know… 

Where you can find this dress:
Lady V London
Lady Voluptuous
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Although this dress from Lady Voluptuous was sent to me all my thoughts & opinions are honest and my own. I do not accept products without researching brands beforehand and that aren’t suitable for me or my readers.

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