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It’s finally New Zealand’s time to shine! This week I bring to you Daisy Jean Floral Design’s latest collection: New Zealand Natives. Daisy Jean recently reached out to me about this range and asked if I would share some with my audience and of course I jumped at the opportunity. A range dedicated to New Zealand – what’s not to love? I may be a little biased as I was born in New Zealand… So often as a small country we’re forgotten about and I think it’s super special to have a range dedicated to our native birds and flowers because they are just gorgeous.

Miss Flossypots - Daisy Jean Floral Designs - Kea - 2

Daisy Jean Floral Designs has been a huge stepping stone for me in my personal journey in the pin-up world and I’ve been following them since the business was born. I bought my first hair flowers (which I still have and are in impeccable condition) from there a few pieces of their resins jewellery and now I get the joy of sharing their latest brooch collection. The New Zealand Natives range comprises of six brooches influenced by New Zealand Flora & Fauna; five native birds and one native flower including our national icons like the Kiwi and Kōwhai flower!

Miss Flossypots - Daisy Jean Floral Designs

There’s nothing more exciting than coming home to a big package of beautiful brooches! They arrived in no more than three days, fabulously packaged in hot pink with specs of glitter crepe paper – it was an experience. Inside were three brooches; the kōwhai, the kākāpō and last but certainly not least the kea! Each box has a Daisy Jean Floral Designs stickers on them and inside has brief descriptions of each piece; they have really gone the extra mile! I also love the brooch care guide that comes with each brooch purchased, again going above and beyond. Each piece has been designed & hand crafted with a professional finish by the Daisy Jean Floral Designs team in Australia – a rare find these days!

Miss Flossypots - Daisy Jean Floral Designs - Kowhai

The Kōwhai flower – $35AUD or $38.14
Most New Zealanders will know what a Kōwhai flower is – the house I grew up in has a large kōwhai tree in the front lawn with Tui and Kereru usually perched on branches so this brooch has a lot of sentimental value to me!

Caption from Daisy Jean Floral Designs:
“Naturally growing along streams and on the edges of forests, in lowlands or mountain open areas, this pretty flower is a beloved one for New Zealand people and a favorite snack of the kereru!”

IMG_8378Miss Flossypots - Daisy Jean Floral Designs - Kowhai - 1
Miss Flossypots - Daisy Jean Floral Designs - Kakapo

The Kākāpō – $40AUD or $43.59
I absolutely love this brooch, it really pays homage to New Zealand’s cute flightless bird, the kākāpō. The size of the brooch is large just like the kākāpō and has a range of acrylics that really capture the beautiful green feathers of the kākāpō. It’s truly a work of art!!

Caption from Daisy Jean Floral Designs:
“Kākāpō may not be able to fly but their legs are super strong! They’re cute and curious, with a friendly nature! But don’t catch us off guard or we’ll have to have a mannequin challenge standoff!”


Miss Flossypots - Daisy Jean Floral Designs - Kakapo - 2
Miss Flossypots - Daisy Jean Floral Designs - Kea
The Kea – $40AUD or $43.59
I chose the Kea next because of Daisy Jean Floral’s beautiful design – not so much love for the Kea as they are a little scary to me! The Kea is another native bird and is also a large type of parrot just like the kākāpō. Although beautiful they are very cheeky and are a little destructive! I think I’ll stick to my beautiful brooch rather than encountering the real thing!!

Caption from Daisy Jean Floral Designs:
“Kea’s are best know for their quick learning and cheeky ability to cause havoc for any humans that come into their environment! No bin, antenna or car is safe with a Kea around!”

Miss Flossypots - Daisy Jean Floral Designs - Kea - 1

You can find these pieces (and other creations) on the Daisy Jean Floral Designs website and our very own New Zealand store 19Black is now stocking Daisy Jean Floral Designs. Get one today!

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Although these pieces from Daisy Jean Floral Designs were sent to me all my thoughts & opinions are honest and my own. I do not accept products without researching brands beforehand and that aren’t suitable for me or my readers.

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