Tessa Lace Dress – Dolly & Dotty – REVIEW

Dolly and Dotty - Miss Flossypots - 7

Another week, another blog and with that another dress review!! Because dressing pin-up isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. I’m always excited to introduce new pieces to my ever expanding wardrobe especially pieces from Dolly & Dotty! If you’re new here Dolly and Dotty is a fabulous brand from England that specializes in vintage inspired pieces (dresses, tops, skirts – the list goes on!) with a modern fit with sizes ranging from a UK size 6 -24! They have a large catalog of quirky, classic & fun prints at an affordable price and are of a high quality – trust me, I have four of their pieces now!!

Dolly and Dotty - Miss Flossypots - 5Dolly and Dotty - Miss Flossypots - 1Dolly and Dotty - Miss Flossypots - 3
About a month ago Dolly & Dotty got in touch with me asking if I’d like to work with them and of course I said yes! In the past I had reviewed the Lily Dress in floral and I absolutely loved that so I knew I wanted to work with them again, this time I was able to choose two pieces from their website – a hard choice indeed. You will have seen one of my picks recently; The Lily Dress in Burgundy – which is lush and you must read that post now. And this is the other pick; the Tessa Lace dress and I was not disappointed. This dress is everything I had envisioned it to be; elegant, luxurious & the perfect fit for me! The Tessa has a super full skirt – I mean, I could fit two full petticoats under there and I’m scoring it 10/10 on the swishing meter (technical term for spinning around and your skirt gliding from the movement – science stuff, ya’know?) . It. is. amazing.

Dolly and Dotty - Miss Flossypots - 4
Dolly and Dotty - Miss Flossypots - 2

If you know anything about me you’ll know that I love pink and I’m going to try bring pink into any outfit combination (they said red and pink was a faux-par but I reckon I can rock it). So of course I had to pair this DARK GREEN Tessa dress with soft pinks and I have to say I think it was pretty darn successful (if I do say so myself). It definitely lightens the dress and gives a casual look to the dress which I like for everyday but in saying that the Tessa can definitely be paired with dark accessories to give it an evening-wear look.

Dolly and Dotty - Miss Flossypots - 8

The construction is lush – the full skirt I devoted a paragraph to is amazing, the bodice is just the right cut for me (maybe a little long in the waist but that’s because I’m very short in the waist) and the cut out detailing in the upper bodice is so extra! The upper bodice is beautifully made and really brings another dimension to the dress, I cannot wait to wear this one paired with some heavy earrings, stockings and black heels. Overall, I’m pretty jazzed! With the Tessa being priced at 49.99 GBP or 97.79 NZD I think it’s perfectly priced for the product you get -and yes it washes well. 🙂

Dolly and Dotty - Miss Flossypots - 6

Side note – WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PINK LIPSTICK?!!! I’ve never shot in pink lipstick before but I kind of like it!!

Thank you so much to Dolly & Dotty for providing me with such a luscious piece – you’re really making a girls dream come true!

You can find Dolly & Dotty here:

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Although the Tessa Dress from Dolly and Dotty was sent me all my thoughts & opinions are honest and my own. I do not accept products without researching brands beforehand and that aren’t suitable for me or my readers.

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