Tennis Button Back Dress – Love ur Look Clothing – REVIEW

Love ur Look Clothing - Miss Flossypots

Are you looking for a splash of colour in these dark, dull and wet days? Or something light and easy to wear in a heatwave ? I’m looking at you England! Whether it’s summer or winter I have the perfect dress for you. Love ur Look Clothing recently reached out to me asking if I would like one of their pieces and of course I reached back with open arms and utter delight! I have been a fan of Love ur Look Clothing for awhile with some of my favourite bloggers wearing their pieces (Curve Creation & Miss Hero Holliday) so to have one of their pieces in the flesh is incredibly exciting for me!


Love ur Look Clothing - Miss Flossypots 3

The tennis button back dress is an absolute dream. The more I wear it the more I love it, as soon as I received it in the mail I knew I had to wear it that day; the fabric was so vivid and so me (not that I know anything about tennis, or sports in general). The tennis button back dress is a lined swing dress composed of 100% cotton inside and out! If you have been reading my blog for awhile you’ll know I absolutely love cotton dresses; they’re so light, I really don’t mind ironing them and they wash well too! A win, win!
The back of this dress is so fun and different from any dress I have had before (madness). The back comes down to a V neck style and four thick pink buttons follow (and they’re fully functional buttons that you can undo) which is 100% my favourite part of this dress – it’s just such a great twist!!

Love ur Look Clothing - Miss Flossypots 4

It’s fit is darling; it has cap sleeves which fall in the right place for me, they don’t cut off my circulation when lifting my arms but they’re not super loose either. Like Goldilocks, it’s just the right fit for me. One thing I do have to note is that the skirt is flared but I was restricted to one petticoat when wearing but I think most people only wear one petticoat and I’m the weird one that wears two!! It comes with a matching cotton belt which I’ve been using as a headscarf as I love to be a little extra with my outfits.

Love ur Look Clothing - Miss Flossypots 1

Overall, I really like the whole construction of this dress. It has large pockets on each side of the skirt with large pink buttons, a matching belt, it’s swing and it’s super bright – tick, tick, tick and a big fat tick! I’ll be wearing this dress over spring and summer and a little bit more this winter once it starts to warm up a little bit. And I have to say I’m always delighted to say that Love ur Look Clothing is another ethical line of clothing and it’s also an affordable line too! Double yay!

Love ur Look Clothing - Miss Flossypots 2

If you have any questions about the tennis button back dress feel free to send me a message or comment below – I’m happy to help!


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Although the tennis button back dress from Love ur Look Clothing was sent to me all my thoughts & opinions are honest and my own. I do not accept products without researching brands beforehand and that arenโ€™t suitable for me or my readers.

One thought on “Tennis Button Back Dress – Love ur Look Clothing – REVIEW

  1. So pretty! I love this dress and the petticoat, belt, hair flower and shoes you wore with it are perfect! May I ask where you got them as well? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great review, by the way! ๐Ÿ™‚


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