Tutorial: Quick Pin-up Bumper Bangs

Back by popular demand I am here today with a new hair tutorial! After my last hair tutorial being such a success I thought I’d put out to you, the people of the internet, with a poll on my Instagram stories! And I had an overwhelming amount of people after a new tutorial – 99% to 1%. I am absolutely delighted that so many of you enjoyed it and although it was a bit of work I really enjoyed creating something new for my blog space!
If you have any special requests for a tutorial please let me know below whether it’s a hairstyle, make-up look or how I put an outfit together; I want to hear what YOU want!
Anyway, I’ll stop with my mindless chitter-chatter and get started!

Miss Flossypots - Bumper Bang

When it comes to the 1940s/1950s there were A LOT of hairstyles and techniques so nowadays we have tons of looks to work with and put our own spin on it. One of my favourite hairstyles inspired by the 1940s has to be the Bumper Bang; for me the rockabilly movement really took this style and made it their own but as we all know with the mainstream media anything related to the fifties is lumped into one group not it’s own separate niche! However I call these pin-up bumper bangs because I’ve adapted them to my personal style and what I identify with in the vintage inspired community.
I have found bumper bangs to be one of the easiest hairstyles to master in terms of vintage hair styling and it’s a style I had been doing before I even dressed in vintage inspired clothing! There’s two ways to create a faux front bang or bumper bang; one way is to buy a hair doughnut (from k-mart or online) and cut one side and straighten it until it resembles a sausage and then wrap your hair around it, give it a spritz of hairspray and pin it down and your set! Then there’s another way which I will be showing you today; the backcombing method. All you’ll need is a teasing comb, bobby pins, hairspray & if you like a hair scarf! It’s that simple.

Miss Flossypots - Bumper Bang - 1

1. Begin brushing your hair and making sure your hair is free from any knots!
2. Section one side of your hair into a side parting making sure that the line of separation is clean.
3. And on the other side create another parting so you have a good section of hair separated from the rest of your hair. I like to have at least two to three inches of hair to work with (across & back).

Miss Flossypots - Bumper Bang - 2

4.Ā  Split the sectioned hair into two, horizontally and using you teasing brush, tease the middle section. Spritz a little hairspray in there too!
5. Grab the now teased hair and lightly brush the front and back of the sectioned hair – this is so important! This smooths the hair so when you roll the hair forward it will be tidy and shiny!
6. Pinch your index finger and thumb together and wrap the tip of the hair around your thumb and finger.

Miss Flossypots - Bumper Bang - 3

7. Continue to roll your hair around your finger and thumb until you reach your forehead.
8. Using both of your hands (index finger in the inside of the curl and thumb on the outside) pull the edges of the curl/bang until it’s 2-3 inches across your forehead.
9. Adjust the bang to the desired position.

Miss Flossypots - Bumper Bang - 4

10. Thread bobby pins through the curl just above your forehead.
11. Spray with hairspray!
12. And there you have it! A bumper bang! If you want to add a headscarf to equation keep watching or you could also add a hair flower on one side or leave as is! Totally up to you!
Miss Flossypots - Bumper Bang - 5

13. Decide on what colour hair scarf you’re going to use! I’m usually a pink girl because pink goes with everything.
14. Place the hair scarf down the back of your head down to the back of your neck and sweep your hair over it. The ends of the scarf should be in the front almost like a scarf.
15. Bring each end of the scarf up and tie a knot in the place where you want the bow to sit.

Miss Flossypots - Bumper Bang - 6

16. Tie one bow!
17. Double the bow, fan the sides of the bow out and spray with hairspray so it stays in place.
18. Take too many selfies (is there such a thing?!) and enjoy your new bumper bangs!

Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope this helped SOMEONE!! If you have a go at the old bumper bang using my method please tag me so I can see some gorgeous faces (& bumper bangs!) Remember to follow my blog by subscribing on the side with email or by following on WordPress; every follow helps!

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One thought on “Tutorial: Quick Pin-up Bumper Bangs

  1. Love this tutorial! I’m definitely going to try it out! šŸ™‚ Thank you so much for taking the time to write it out for all of us. šŸ™‚


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