Tutorial: My Go-to Pin-up Hair-do! Setting & Brush Out.

I often get asked “How long does it take to you to get ready in the morning?”, “How long does it take you to do your hair? It must take ages!” Well honey, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t take long at all! I’ve been dressing pin-up for about three years now and have really been through the ups and downs of vintage styling; clothes, make-up and have had so many hair fails!! And one thing I have learned is that no hair is the same; what might work for one person might not necessarily work for you and that’s okay because you’re eventually going to find something that does work for you. I’m here today to provide you with some tips and tricks or possibly just to show you that there are other ways of achieve pin-up hair! I know the way I do my hair probably isn’t the best way to do my hair but you know what? It works for me and it might work for you too!

Miss Flossypots - Hair setting - Masterpost

Since taking my hair from the 10 years of supermarket black hair-dye to this amazing copper colour, my hair has been incredibly different to my black hair. I am only washing my hair once a week and my hair sets are a million times better than they used to be and I haven’t changed a thing. So if you’re feeling down about your hair not curling as well as most of the brightly coloured hair pinups in the community it’s probably because it hasn’t been bleached recently! I set my hair every night; it takes around 15 minutes and I only use bobby pins, water in a spray bottle, a section comb and a hair-scarf. It’s super basic and super easy. Plastic pieces in foam rollers or even foam rollers themselves drive me crazy when I’m trying to sleep and with pin-curls there are no issues for me and they’re a real time saver for the next day. I literally roll out of bed un-pin – brush out and I’m ready to go in 5 to 10 minutes.

If you would like to see a video tutorial please let me know in the comments section below. If I get enough requests I will do one!! And if you would like me to post any other kind of tutorials let me know – this one was super fun to do.

P.S – New game alert; drink (water) every time I write the words; pin-curl, hairspray & bobby-pin! Yikes!

What You Will Need:

Bobby Pins! (& plenty of them too)
Setting spray (Or spray bottle with water)
A teasing comb
Boar Bristle Cushion Brush – This will change your brush-out life!!! 10/10 recommend
Patience (haha)

Miss Flossypots - Hair setting

How I Set My Hair – Pin-curling (overnight method)

1. Begin by brushing your hair and sectioning your hair. I start on my side parting and section my fringe into three and continue to pin into three pin-curls all the way back (from my fringe, the top of my head to the nape of my neck. And I have three rows on each side of my head (two by my forehead & rows of three for the next two rows). I always have my pin-curls facing downwards as that is what works well with my hair!

2. When rolling my pin-curls I spray the tip of my hair with water or setting spray (both work fine on my hair) and roll it around my finger and then continuing to roll it into the root of my hair and pin it with a bobby pin (always downwards!)

3. It’s a little hard to explain this method but there are so many Youtube videos you can watch if you just need to see a video demonstration!
Once every piece of hair has been pinned – spray with more setting lotion/water and cover your hair with a hair scarf and sleep on it (7-8 hours is great!)

The Brush Out..

The Brushout - Miss Flossypots - 2

4. Take all of the bobby pins out from last night’s set and you will suddenly become Curly Sue! Don’t worry these curls are super tight and we’re going to take them down a notch.

5. I learned this trick from Dita Von Teese’s “Your Beauty Mark” book about 2 years ago and I have done it ever since! I brush my hair using a (boar bristle brush) upside down… I roll my neck forward and let my hair fall in front of my face and brush downwards moving my hand down my hair smooth underneath.

6. And then you flip! Ending with a big voluminousness mess but that’s the most important part; volume without teasing too much of your hair!

The Brushout - Miss Flossypots - 3

7. Tease the crown of your head lightly and spray with hairspray (this isn’t necessary but it does give your hair an extra lift!)

8. Find your parting; this is super important as you will be teasing one side of it for your barrel curl in front. You want this to be super clean and sitting just right!

9. Begin lightly brushing your hair; I brush downwards with my hand following to smooth it out and then I leave my hand resting by 2/3 of the way down and brush the remaining hair out and up from above and underneath (almost diagonally up). That way you get a nice flick and that signature 50’s curl! The curl should guide the hair to the right resting place and if it’s looking too frizzy or if the curl is too tight, don’t be afraid to brush it out a little bit! Patience is key!

The Brushout - Miss Flossypots - 4

10. Continue brushing out and shaping the curl with your hands; I cup the ends of my hair just to get it to sit right with my face. With time you’ll find what will work for you and your hair – this has taken me a few years now!

11. Tidy up the back! This is the point where you ask someone to check back of your hair; are there any random strands hanging down? This is your time to fix them!

12. Hairspray time! Set the ends of your hair using a strong hairspray (I always use a number 4 in strength because I don’t like my hair to be too crunchy!)

The Brushout - Miss Flossypots - 5
The Fringe

13. Begin sectioning your fringe into three or four  and tease 2/3 of the hair in each section.

14. Bring the pieces of hair together and give them a quick spray of hairspray!

15. Smoothing time! Using your teasing comb brush the front and back of the teased section to smooth the hair. You want the barrel to look smooth! Smooth, smooth, smooth!

The Brushout - Miss Flossypots - 6

16. Like you did with pin-curls, wrap the tip of the teased section around three fingers and begin rolling inwards.

17. With your other hand and the fingers holding the curl slowly start to push the hair out. This creates a barrel shape. I like to bring the hair out quite a bit so there’s more surface area to pin down as I live in a very windy city and I need the barrel to be sturdy!

18. Slide bobby pins into the barrel (where the hair meets your head) – you don’t want the bobby pins to be seen so try hide them in the swirl itself.

The Brushout - Miss Flossypots - 7

19. Spray your fringe with hairspray and then give the rest of your hair one final spritz!

20. Well done! You have now achieved 1950’s inspired hair!  Enjoy it and take as many selfie as you possibly can (that’s what I do!)

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