The Vintage Pearl Textured Coat – Collectif Clothing – REVIEW


Where do I even begin? The Pearl coat has got to be one of my favourite reproduction pieces I have ever come across. I lusted over it for 3 years and last year on Valentine’s Day my boyfriend surprised me with one (all of the boyfriend points to him) – I was in D-I-S-B-E-L-I-E-F. The pearl coat for a long time was this unattainable thing; a. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t anything like it on the market e.g the Hell Bunny coats that are very similar but more affordable didn’t exist, b. no one in New Zealand stocked it – like no one and lastly c. it was over $300 so if you got it you would be pinged with a customs fine! I genuinely believed I would never own one.

Pearl Coat - Miss Flossypots 3IMG_6361Pearl Coat - Miss Flossypots 1

The pearl coat is my Winter essential because it keeps the cold and wind out. The interior is lined with most beautiful floral print (which was a surprise to me!) and the outside is made from 70% polyester, 30% wool; it’s like walking around in a sleeping bag (& it can even feel a little heavy)!!  One of my favourite features of the Pearl Coat has got to be the faux fur; the collar, cuffs and bottom literally make this coat a showstopper! The collar can be worn un-clipped but I personally prefer it clipped like a big fluffy scarf!


As a full-time vintage/reproduction wearer it’s almost impossible to find coats that fit the silhouette of the the swing skirt & petticoat combination but hey, the pearl coat delivers ONCE AGAIN! The Pearl has a flattering pleated waist with a full swing skirt which can easily cover one petticoat. Be sure to check the sizing chart when ordering this coat; I’m usually a large but I was ordered the medium and it fits with no problem and even room to spare.

Overall, I freaking love this coat, I feel fab every time I wear it, it’s really good quality (I wore it everyday last winter and it still looks brand new!) and worth every penny. 10/10 recommend! They no longer stock it on the Collectif Website but they do have other versions of this coat but they’re almost out of stock; but in saying that Collectif does a new run every UK winter and I’m sure the New Zealand gals (Two Lippy Ladies, Kabella Baby & Rita Sue) will be stocking some!

Pearl Coat - Miss FlossypotsPearl Coat - Miss Flossypots 2

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One thought on “The Vintage Pearl Textured Coat – Collectif Clothing – REVIEW

  1. This looks even more amazing with your new hair colour – the reddish tones in the fur are a perfect combination with it. I adore my Pearl and really, really want to get the dark red one!


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