Mahina Skirt from Cry Cry Cry Clothing – REVIEW

Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 5

Well I’m back with another Cry Cry Cry feature because I am the ultimate fan girl. This week I want to speak about the latest piece from Cry Cry Cry clothing – The Mahina Skirt.
Fran contacted me last month asking which fabric/print colour I would like and of course I went for the Palm and Orchid print (because PINK) which has now been gifted to me. But then I saw the Hibiscus on purple and I knew I had to buy one myself…

Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 8

I have worked closely with Fran for almost a year now as she massively helped me with my Miss Pin-up New Zealand journey – she was literally one of the best things to come out of the whole experience! I know her & I trust her so every time Cry Cry Cry Clothing releases something I get super excited. The Mahina skirt was no exception; it’s perfect.
Now that it’s getting colder (NZ is now in autumn – eek) this is a super easy way to inject colour and tropical vibes into our dark & dingy days.
The Mahina skirt is currently available in Hibiscus on Purple & Palm and Orchid and if it is released in another print/style I’ll be getting that one too!
It has a full circle skirt which can fit a standard banned apparel petticoat but looks perfectly full without the a petticoat too! It sits just at my knees which I think is the most flattering look and has an invisible zip down the back.

Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 7Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 9Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 3

I think one of the most amazing features/offers that Cry Cry Cry Clothing has available for this particular skirt is that you can send in your measurements and it will be made to order for you with no additional charge. A skirt for $99 – custom made to your measurements (or you can pick from the size chart) which has been ethically made in Wellington, New Zealand. That’s the way I want my wardrobe to be in 2018 and onward; ethically made and with an offer like that, there is no excuse (for me anyway)!

Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 1Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 4Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 11Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 2Mahina Skirt - CryCryCry Clothing - Miss Flossypots - 10

For the longest time I had a fear of wearing skirts; it was all in my head but as someone that doesn’t really wear shape wear nor do I own a long-line bra, I’d find wearing skirts to be a bit of struggle. You see, I’m not a small girl – I have curves particularly around my tum and waist and when wearing a skirt I’d get that bump. The bump in which no one else would notice other than you or unless you pointed it out. Which I have done now. In the last year I have been learning to embrace the things that I don’t find perfect in myself or work on them. But the whole fear of skirts was ridiculous and it was actually stopping me from buying some seriously cute pieces (I almost missed out on the Vixen – Makeup skirt). These two Mahina skirts are huge step in the right direction for me and embracing my body – whatever size it is.
Whatever issues you have that are stopping you from wearing super cute clothing –  ignore them. Because at the end of the day; no one is going to notice and if someone says something, they’re probably just a dick.

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Although the Mahina – Palm & Hibiscus skirt was sent me all my thoughts & opinions are honest and my own. I do not accept products without researching brands beforehand and that aren’t suitable for me or my readers. Cry Cry Cry Clothing is a brand I can highly recommend & have purchased myself many times. 

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