The Lyra Dress – Lady V London – First Impressions


Well I’m back with another Lady V London review but this time it’s different! This time I’m calling it a first impressions review, I’ve seen this idea in Youtube videos and I’m sure there have been many blog posts but I’ve never done this before! This week I’ll share my first impressions on the Lady V London Lyra Dress in the Summer Cherish print; what I like about it, why I purchased it, how it feels and the fit – like a review but without the commitment, ha!
As you saw from my previous Lady V London review I had wanted a Lyra dress for a long time but as far as I knew they were only in sizes 16 + but thankfully Lady V London recently released the Lyra dress in a size 14!  But what had really sold it to me was my best friend Xamia Arc buying her first Lyra (in Leopard – read her post here); once she told me she had bought hers I bought mine the next day! She’s such an enabler but she’s always right about these things!


Initial Attraction:
I fell in the love with the Lyra as soon as I saw it – which was around 2 years ago but of course it wasn’t available in my size. I loved the silhouette with it’s knee length circle skirt which can totally fit a petticoat underneath if not two – but you can also go without a petticoat for more of a forties look, which looks just as amazing.  I love the V neck and the tie at the back which can help cinch in the waist and my most favourite part of the dress are the sleeves! They are just the right length for me; not too long too short – It’s hard express my enthusiasm for sleeves over a blog post but just please believe me when I tell you that they’re great.


First Impressions:
I purchased the Lyra dress -Summer Cherish print in a size 14 from Two Lippy Ladies as they are local and if I can buy locally I will! I’ve heard you can size down in the Lyras but I’m glad I went with the 14.  I like wiggle room and there’s nothing worse than eating a big meal and feeling super uncomfortable in a dress. The Lyra dress is made up from 96% polyester & 4% elastane which as y’all know isn’t my favourite composition but I felt like it really worked in this style of dress. It keeps it light and float-y, there’s stretch in the fabric and it’s surprisingly breathable. One thing that surprised me with Lyra was that it had no zipper? It’s something you really don’t see too often in pin-up reproduction but it’s SO nice to not have to worry about zipping up an invisible side zip! The combination of the fabric and lack of zip really make this dress a dream for girls that struggle fitting into dressing because of their bust; the line is called Lady Voluptuous after all, it’s made to fit curves!


Final thoughts:
I cannot recommend the Lyra dress style enough; it’s ethically made, the fabric feels so good on the skin (literally perfect for a hot summers day), the sizing feels right, the quality is amazing especially considering the price point and they come in so many beautiful prints! I literally want one in every print now…
What are your thoughts on the Lyra dress? Have you had one? Do you want one now?!

P.S – What do you think of my new specs? I only got them last week!

Floss xoxo


5 thoughts on “The Lyra Dress – Lady V London – First Impressions

  1. Haha – I’ve just bought my first one too! I fell in love with the colour of the cherry red one and had to have it. I cannot believe how comfy it is – and a dress you literally just pull on like a tee-shirt and you’re dressed!! I think I’m going to have to get the leopard one as well (my first leopard print!). The sleeves of this style are actually my least favourite bit of the dress – I think because of my age, the feel a bit ‘mummy’ – I will definitely be looking out for the long-sleeves Lyras when they come back into season. You look gorgeous in that bright blue print – and I LOVE your glasses!


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