Eloise Dress in Midnight Damson – Lady V London

Well, y’all know I love some Lady V London! And this week I get the great privilege of showing you one of Lady V London’s Spring/Summer new releases. We are heading into our colder weather (Autumn for us New Zealanders)  but I find pretty much all of Lady V’s dresses can be worn through all seasons – trust me, I do it! I personally only work with brands I 100% truly believe in and Lady V London is definitely one. I have loved Lady V London for years (possibly one of my longest loves in the vintage reproduction world). I own five dresses that I wear regularly; in fact, I consider them a staple in my wardrobe and I genuinely love their passion for great products, service & quality.

Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 1

Now that I’ve stopped gushing.. In this post I get to share one of Lady V London’s most loved styles the Eloise dress but in the Midnight Damson print! I absolutely love floral prints and this one here is luscious; not only does it look great in photos I think it looks even better in person – #nojoke. I usually stay clear of purple but I find the richness of this purple is complimentary and can be dressed up for nights out & can be dressed down for every day wear.


The Eloise dress is a new style for me. In the past I’ve only tried the tea dresses; which I loveee! The Eloise’s point of difference definitely has to be the sleeves. In the past I would get very nervous when I saw a garment without sleeves, now not so much but I do really appreciate it when a dress does have sleeves. Sometimes you just don’t feel comfortable showing ya arms – I get that. Lady V London has recently launched a new website which has tons of new features but one I really like in particular is the finding your size feature, you simply click on “find your dress size” and enter in your measurements, that way you find your correct size because I cannot stress this enough, most companies sizing will be different!! I sized up to a size 16 to accommodate my bust but I do normally wear a size 12 in the tea dress. Again, some dresses are made differently so it’s so important to size check, I do have space in the waist with this dress so I would probably size down to a 14 next time! The Eloise dress is available in sizes UK 8 to UK 22.

Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 2
Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 5
Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 4

Lady V London is a very inclusive brand with sizes ranging size UK 8 to a UK size 32. They have a huge selection of dresses made for plus size which is beyond cool; and these dresses are fricking fabulous. I know that sometimes plus sized clothing can be garbage, these dresses are most definitely not. One of my favourite plus size styles has to be the Lyra – so timeless and looks great on every single person I have seen wearing it. There’s also clothing for kids which is beyond cute – you can match your outfits!! I’m a huge fan, if ya can’t tell.

Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 3

The silhouette of the Eloise dress is very charming and reminiscent of a lot vintage dresses I have seen. The high neck line allows me to wear this baby to work #workplaceappropriate and the length of the dress is just perfect for me. Also, it’s a flared circle skirt so you can fit a small petticoat underneath it. The Eloise is made up of 97% cotton & 3% elastine; another big fat tick in my book because I seriously love cotton dresses – They feel better on and give more of vintage feel to a dress. Y’all know, I like to step out feeling like Grace Kelly and I do with dresses like the Eloise. This dress is classic.

I know I’ve spoken about this in the past but I think it’s important to reiterate and congratulate brands on being ethically made. It’s not easy to do this and it definitely not mainstream in this industry. Since 2013 Lady V London has been making their garments in London; in British factories with workers that get paid fairly.  You can read more here on their story but I really feel like this should be highlighted. If you have any recommendations of ethically made vintage inspired brands please share below!

Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 8Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 10Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 9Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 7

When writing reviews I really like to do an in depth talk about the brand so I hope this wasn’t too overwhelming. I want y’all to walk away knowing more about a brand than you did 10 minutes ago and I really hope I achieved this! I feel very passionate about Lady V London so this was just an absolute delight to write about – the words were a flowing! I hope you like this blog post, please remember to sign up via email to stay up to date with me and all the latest vintage inspired fashion.

To see more of Lady V London:

Miss Flossypots - Lady V London - Eloise Dress 6

Although the Eloise dress from Lady V London was sent me all my thoughts & opinions are honest and my own. I do not accept products without researching brands beforehand and that aren’t suitable for me or my readers.

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