Introducing Velma Dinkley!


Flossy here! Ready to solve some very spooky mysteries with all the gang; Shaggy, Daphne, Fred, Velma and of course Scooby-Do! But seriously, this weeks outfit is inspired by a few things (unintentionally) Velma from Scooby Doo, Josie and the Pussycats, Totally Spies and Charlie’s Angels. Growing up I was obsessed with these – I loved mysteries (and still do) but I also loved girl power cartoons – mini skirts, heels, fake glasses. Fashionable but intelligent and they could still kick butt! This isn’t my usual day to day style but when I saw this cute little dress in a buy/sell/swap page I knew I just had to buy it!


This weeks outfit of the day was as always planned around one item specifically and you probably guessed it.. it was the dress. I purchased this dress off a Facebook buy/sell/swap because the collar caught my eye and it was only $25NZD and that my friend is a very good price for a dress. This dress is a Lindy Bop dress so I knew I could trust it; there is a zip down the back (my favourite placement for a zip!!), there’s stretch to the fabric and all the little details really sold me on it. When I first tried it on I was little caught off guard with how short it was and the fact that I couldn’t wear a petticoat with it. But now that’s the reason I like it – it’s outside of my comfort zone, it’s cute, fun and really versatile. Can you imagine knee high white boots paired with this dress? Think Go-Go girl!!


OOTD Details:
Dress: Lindy Bop
Hat: Second Hand
Shoes: Lucy T – Straps – Bettie Page Shoes


Another reason why I love this outfit (#modest) is because I love pink and red together.
There’s something about the pink & red clash that makes that tacky part in my heart sing! I know it’s wrong but it feels so right. I paired the dress with my favourite heels – Lucy T Straps from Bettie Page Shoes because y’all know they’re the comfiest heels out there! And this super cute vintage beret because I wanna feel like an American girl from a 2000’s sitcom.


And that’s pretty much it. You don’t need tons of accessories to make an outfit work, sometimes less is more. I’m sure you’re all thinking that this is a lot but I don’t think it is! I cannot wait to experiment with this dress in the upcoming months; it’s nice to have other options and mix it up a little bit. 😉 Watch this space.



If you liked this outfit let me know below so I can share more looks like this. ❤

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