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I am back with some of my pin-up related favourites but this time I’m doing things a little differently; a monthly top picks rather than weekly that way I can pick the creme de la creme from the pin-up world. So on the first/second of every month I will post last months top picks – hopefully that all makes some sense! June was the month of A LOT of wants and it was a real struggle picking only six items but here they are nonetheless. I know there is QUITE a bit of Lady V London #notsponsored so I will try cut that down and I will give more of a diverse range of products next month.

Miss Flossypots - June Top Picks
1. Tutti Fruity Border Tea Dress – Lady V London

When I saw this dress I flipped the F out!! I love pink, I love the fun fruit print and I know I love the quality of the tea dresses from Lady V London.  This dress is a polyester dress which means #no-ironing and I am a huge fan of that like I said in a post last month but I have noticed a little bit of piling on the skirt of my flamingo border dress.. Could be the way I am washing it though!

2. Banned Black Petticoat – Kabella Baby

I need a black petticoat in my life! And have been eyeing this one from Kabella Baby for the last two weeks. It’s a banned lifeform petticoat and I have the white one that I wear most days. They are SUPER soft and fit perfectly under most of my dresses (sans tea dresses) and they have to be one of my favourite reproduction petticoats. I also desperately want the pink version of this from Kabella Baby but that is DEFINITELY sold out in my size!! 😥

3. Banana Tea Dress – Lady V London

Well this is a little bit of an older pick but I have been loving this dress for the longest time, every time I see it a little bit of me wants to just buy it but I still have my reservations; what would I pair this with? A yellow cardigan – I’m sold. Unfortunately it’s sold out on their website!

4. Sweet William Dress – Cry Cry Cry Clothing

Okay y’all LISTEN UP! Fran from Cry Cry Cry Clothing is the definition of amazing. I have been working with her for my #mpunz entry dress and I couldn’t be more pleased with her work. The dress custom made for me is the best fitting dress I have ever owned and the quality is out of this world; so when Cry Cry Cry Clothing opened their bigcartel shop I was so pumped! I immediately bought the Heaven Dress and it literally feels like it was brought down from the heavens (and looks fab on) and then I saw the Sweet William dress listed the other day… Now I want this one too!! I can just imagine a bit floppy straw hat, a yellow cropped cardigan and some little sandals (+ sun). Perfection – now I need to wait for that next pay day! 😉

5. Pink & Red Tootsie Crop Cardi – Doll Me Up Darling

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms you will know that I freaking LOVE these cardigans. I now own blue, yellow, purple and I think the pink & red cropped cardigans need to make an appearance in my wardrobe. I adore the cut of these cardigans as they are just the right length and sit super well – there isn’t another cardigan out there that is as good as these ones!

6. Hibiscus Floral Hepburn Dress – Lady V London

Right, now y’all know that I love the Lady V London tea dresses but there is an issue in the length of the tea dress. I don’t have any short petticoats so I have to roll my banned petti up and it can look so bad but I persevere anyway because pretty dresses. BUT I would love to try out the Hepburn dresses as I know they are a lot longer and might be a better alternative especially now that it’s winter and this print really calls out to me.

Stay tuned for next months TOP PICKS! Xxx

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