Well I’m not going to pretend like I’m some car aficionado but I do try to make it to the American Vehicle day every year even if it’s just to “ooh” and “aah” at all of the pretty cars. This year I went with my boyfriend and we thoroughly enjoyed it and as I blogged it last year I thought I would blog it this year just to keep the tradition alive! When you live in Karori getting to Trentham is quite the mission ESPECIALLY if you don’t own a car so in the early hours of the morning on Sunday (10.30) we took our first form of public transport for the day – the first of many. After the first bus we set out on our journey – the Upper Hutt line (train) it was a forty + minute ride but it was pretty stunning, the first half of the trip overlooked the Wellington harbour and on a sunny day it looks incredible (by chance it was sunny for the first time this summer).


The American Vehicle Day is pretty much the only pin-up-y event down here in Wellington so I always try to make an effort to be there and always hope for a hot sunny day! The last two years have not disappointed – blue skies and little wind = success. TAVD consists of a HUGE amount of vintage American vehicles pretty.much.everywhere. it’s INCREDIBLE. My boyfriend and I spent a good 2 hours just walking around the Trentham Race course taking photos of the cars and just staring in awe, it’s so overwhelming seeing so many beautiful things in one afternoon especially when you don’t get to see stuff like that often.


Now lets get on to the food. Serious business. As always Sam and I were in a rush so we didn’t eat anything before leaving so once we had walked around the event for 2 hours we were famished and all we could smell the whole time was fried deliciousness and sausage sizzle (we’re both vegetarian but we were ogling the beef as if it were a box of free doughnuts). On the subject of doughnuts – that was our first stop TEN mini HOT doughnuts rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Magical. No words. I had one but I really wanted to eat 300 but I restrained myself for the hot chips I knew we would be having later. The hot chips were even better we got a cup to share and they drizzled that cheap sugary tomato sauce over the top that proceeded to get all over my hands but it was worth it.


This year for my outfit I wanted to do something different I knew everyone would be in their pastels, florals and bright coloured dresses so I made a statement in BLACK. I don’t often wear black but I absolutely adore this outfit I put together – the Mae dress from Seamstress of Bloomsbury turns out to be an amazing blouse when paired with the Dangerfield piano skirt. Even though it was boiling hot I still felt comfortable and wasn’t sweating like a pig (I was really worried about this) – so props to the Seamstress for their lightweight crepe de chine.


I hope you enjoyed this little blog post – I know I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Life has been so busy with my job and I have to MOVE out of my flat and find a new one in less than two weeks. So I’m in panic mode BUT I have an awesome collaboration with an amazing company coming up this month so be ready for that!

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