Miss Flossypots’ Top Five Festive Brooches!

I am all about accessorizing this year and I feel like I’ve really let myself down in terms festive accessorizing but my loss is your gain! Here are some of my favourite Christmassy brooches out there at the moment featuring quite a few cat themed brooches.

1. Deer Arrow’s Kitten in Mittens can be worn two ways as a double brooch or as a SUPER cute cardigan clip just to make your outfits ten times cuter and festive; a win-win!!! I would honestly wear this all year round as it’s not too kitsch if you know what I mean.


1.Kitten in Mittens – Deer Arrow
2.Season’s Greeting Brooch – Erstwilder
3.Christmas Cocktail – Retro Resins
4.Crystal Snowflake Christmas Brooch – Luck Trader 
5.Cat Brooch – Pink Fox Findings

2. Erstwilder – Season’s Greetings Brooch is another knock out for me as you may know I absolutely adore baking especially Christmas baking! I wish WISH I was born in the northern hemisphere and could celebrate Christmas with snow and cold weather and this brooch just capture that vibe perfectly! And what’s better than a gingerbread house inside of a snow globe that is also a brooch? Answer: nothing.

3. Retro Resins – Christmas cocktail is so reminiscent of the sixties with it’s martini shaped glass and it’s kitsch sparkle – I adore it! Not only does it come in this beautiful sparkle but it also comes in 5 other colours; red, green, gold, silver and black glitter! This shop is run by a local pinup Miss Lorelei Louise which is so cool and if you order quickly you could receive it before Christmas  (if you live in New Zealand).

4. Luck Trader – Crystal snowflake Christmas brooch – this brooch honestly can be worn all year round, it’s so pretty and sparkly! I know that it’s super hot right now and it never snows in Wellington, New Zealand but I’m using my northern hemisphere mind here.

5.. Pink Fox Findings – Christmas cat brooch – JUST LOOK AT IT!!! It’s a black cat with a Santa Claus hat and a.mistletoe.collar.  I know a lot of you will love this just as much as I do and I just had to feature it!

What are some of your favourite brooches at the moment? Or share some of your favourite accessory companies!

4 thoughts on “Miss Flossypots’ Top Five Festive Brooches!

  1. Charlie Brown’s christmas tree from the Ambrosia Bowl on etsy ! Found her through the Alice brooch you got a while back and I am in love ♡


  2. Aargh – I started browsing Christmas brooches last night and now I can’t choose which ones I want! But the Christmas Cocktail from Retro Resins (in black) is definitely going to make the list! I am trying to decide on a brooch which I can wear with non red/green outfits to make them more Christmassy!


    1. Oh brilliant!! I think glitter is the perfect way to make outfits more Christmassy so you’re different headed in the right direction! Have you had a look at some the Erstwilder stuff? They have quite a few cute brooches; it was hard just picking one!


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