A Pin-up Christmas Outfit Guide – The Lindy Bop Edition!

This is just a general guide filled with Christmas goods from Lindy Bop; a lot of green and A LOT of red. It’s so close to Christmas now it’s okay to be covered head to toe in red and green right? I want to look like a candy cane for at least 2 weeks of December and Lindy Bop has really fulfilled this dream of mine. Sorry in advance to all my readers that don’t get this Christmas obsession; just think of it as a red & green pin up outfit suggestions?

1. Myrtle Green Halter Neck Swing Dress
2. Bella Red Swing Dress
3. Bascall Red Knitted Jumper
4. Frankie Jean Cocktail Dress
5. Gina Glamourous Vintage Tea Party Dress
6. Cruise Red Swing Skirt
7.  Gene Shoe
8. Bette Red Stripe Swing Dress

I’ve kept this guide more on the wearable side of things as it will be HOT in New Zealand by the time it hits the 25th and there is nothing worse than wearing a cardigan when it’s 30 degrees Celsius. I also picked all of this dresses as I feel like you could wear them over and over again; it doesn’t have to be Christmas in order to wear red and green! I’m all about the versatility.

What will you be wearing Christmas day? I still haven’t got my outfit together and am in need of some inspiration! I don’t think you can add photos here but feel free to share on my Facebook page!

P.S – Not sponsored I just found a lot Christmas themed outfits on the Lindy Bop website!

One thought on “A Pin-up Christmas Outfit Guide – The Lindy Bop Edition!

  1. I am such a dress girl Miss flossypots and I LOVE 1, 2 and 5. The green halter neck swing dress is so pretty , and the red Bella swing (oh my) . The vintage tea party dress is so classy. Wonderful blog Dear, huggs Terri xo


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