Lady V London – Purple Butterfly Border Tea Dress


Last year I came across a pin up brand by the name of Lady V London I’m sure you have heard of them – they are responsible for the lines; Lady Voluptuous, Lady Vintage and Little Lady Vintage.  As I get older I am starting to realise the importance of ethical trading and how it is going to make or break the fashion industry so when I realized that Lady V London dresses are all made in a British factory with British workers I was ecstatic!


“All dresses are designed in house at Lady V London. Until June 2013, all dresses had been made within the EU. We have never made our dresses outside of the EU and do not approve of making garments in China. We have travelled to China and believe the quality is not good enough for Lady Vintage. Not to mention the language barrier, work standards, poor packaging, slow delivery and their ethical treatment of workers. We have seen first-hand child workers in China, and never wish to support this kind of labour.

In June 2013 we began manufacturing Lady Vintage dresses in the heart of London as we strongly believe in supporting British Businesses and British Workers. We are proud that our dresses are made in the UK’s capital and that we are able to provide work for many people in our country and support the British economy, especially in these difficult times.

We are now able to liaise directly with the workers, and oversee quality control ourselves – which means that Lady Vintage Dresses are higher quality than ever! Our turnaround time for dresses will also be cut dramatically, meaning we are able to introduce new dresses, and restock popular dresses even quicker! We believe that we are pioneers in this field, by being able to make our garments in London and maintain our affordable prices. With your support we can keep Lady Vintage in London and help boost London’s clothing manufacturing industry.”

Source: Lady Vintage – About Us (Read more about their story here!)

miss-flossypots-lady-v-london-6miss-flossypots-lady-v-london-5As soon as I saw the Butterfly Border Tea Dress I knew it would be prefect for me. I don’t think I have ever owned a dress in purple but now that I have seen it on me I will definitely be looking for more purple additions to my wardrobe! The whimsical print on the dress brightens the dress making it incredibly versatile for an easy day look or a full on a night glam look. I adore the fact the it has a back zip allowing me to do my make up and hair first without worry about putting a dress over my head and smearing make up down my brand new dress! It also has a built in belt mechanic aka a tie at the back which can tighten and create a cute bow at the back.



Here I’ve styled it with a big floppy hat, a black cardigan (it’s still chilly even though it’s Spring), simple bangles and some flats! An easy outfit but looks like I’ve put the effort into my look and it looks perfect with layers for fall & winter! I love outfits that I can wear all year round.
The Butterfly Border Tea Dress is made from 97% cotton and 3% elastine making it a little stretchy and as it’s a little thicker so it doesn’t require as much ironing (thank gawd!) I hate to say it but I am a bargain hunter but I am and at $93.54 NZD for an ethically made, unique and amazing quality dress it’s a pretty sweet deal. It also comes in sizes 8-22!


You can find the Purple Butterfly Tea Dress from Lady V London here!
Lady V London Facebook
Lady V London Website

8 thoughts on “Lady V London – Purple Butterfly Border Tea Dress

  1. This looks gorgeous it suits you and very beautifully styled, I have adored the dresses from Lady V for a long time. However I would love to know where you got the pastel under skirt from?


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