After finishing up at work for the day last Friday I checked my phone only to see at least five different notifications about a pop up 10 day K-Bar Cafe. The K-Bar Cafe has been created in honour of the new Whittaker’s K-bar chocolate  that are available in three flavours; raspberry, pineapple and lime. If you don’t know what a K-Bar is – it’s a kiwi classic created by Whittaker’s, most of us growing up in New Zealand would buy them from local dairies or the local ice cream truck (Mr. Whippy) they were affordable and sweet – all you could want when you’re ten. They’re essentially a toffee bar in fruit flavours – they aren’t something you can eat in one sitting (in fact I don’t think I’ve eaten a full one)! I love Whittaker’s especially since I grew up around the corner from the factory and can still remember the smell of when they were making their famous peanut slabs (you could smell it for miles). 

For my outfit I decided to go all out! Wearing my Swonderful gingham dress, Two Lippy Ladies Banned bolero & Erstwilder brooch, sunhat from k-mart, necklace found in an opshop and Collectif white seamed tights!

Anyway back to the point – the K-Bar Cafe is currently located on the top of Cuba Street right next to The Powder Room (A cute fifties inspired hair salon) and will be there until the 29th of August. The huge pull for me and I guess many others was the fact they converted an old dairy that use to sell lollies in plastic bags into a 1950s soda shop, girls dressed in the cutest pink swing uniforms with matching hair scarves and  glass bowls filled with k-bars, chocolate sticks and peanut slabs. The menu included: “Cupkakes” highlighting each k-bar flavour, peanut slab cookies, truffles and milkshakes and they also had a hotdrinks menu; hot chocolate & coffee. Cupkakes were 5 dollars each, truffles 2.50 and the peanut slab cookies were 3.50. Being a pop up shop you can definitely get away with prices like that especially with such a cool theme that we don’t get to see often here in Wellington.

I went for the all three “cupkake” flavours and bought the raspberry K-Bar chocolate block. I said earlier that the k-bar is a toffee bar but for the chocolate it’s actually a gooey texture!

Here’s what I thought of each flavour:

It was very similar to a Turkish delight – I wasn’t a fan of this chocolate at all. It’s coated in dark chocolate making it super bitter and the flavour just didn’t work for me.

I loved this flavour! It was mellow (yellow~) and tasted very unique like nothing I had ever tired before. The chocolate was milk so it wasn’t too harsh!

I don’t like lime so I’m a little biased here – I didn’t like it.

Overall I think the K-Bar Cafe was a hit – I don’t think I will buy any of the chocolate K-Bar flavours again, maybe the pineapple but they were all a little blah for me. The bar itself was amazing and the cupcakes tasted fab too – the lines were intense and there was no room to sit and enjoy your cupcake so that was a bit lame but it was only a pop up after all.

Did you make it to the K-Bar Cafe? What did you think?

4 thoughts on “WHITTAKER’S K-BAR CAFE

  1. I’m so sad I never made it to the café! It looks so adorable, I loved all the girls’ uniforms so much too. Really wanted to try the peanut slab milkshake! Oh well… I’ve only tried the raspberry and lime bars so far. Wasn’t a big fan of the raspberry one (dark chocolate used to be my fave but seem to be going off it) but loved the lime one though. Will have to try the pineapple some time.


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