Never in my life did I think I would have the chance to own something created by one of my favourite designers Micheline Pitt so when Two Lippy Ladies approached me earlier in the year I JUMPED at the chance! I’ve been a huge lover of PUG but with shipping costs and the markup from retailers I found myself only looking rather than owning- with the new Vixen line I feel it will be very different. Not only do The Two Lippy Ladies have free shipping they also don’t have huge markups so you can actually afford pieces and they’re bringing an AWESOME brand to New Zealand (we rarely get the good stuff here) also stocking pretty much all of the pieces (once they’re available) so no one misses out! You can’t beat that.

From Two Lippy Ladies:

“”My Hair is Full of Secrets”

Featuring original art by designer Micheline Pitt. Inspired by her own motto when people ask her about her hair, “it is full of secrets” because it is really, so please don’t touch it. Why say it when you can wear it.

This is a scoop neck 100% cotton baby rib 1×1 fitted baby-doll t-shirt, exclusively labeled and printed for Vixen. The design is perfect for tucking it into your favorite high-waist pencil skirt or pants and long enough to be worn out over modern jeans.

Made in USA”

I am usually a size medium but I decided to go up a size when ordering as the last thing I wanted was for the t-shirt to be too tight! I am so glad I did, I have enough room to breathe after eating a bag of chippies but it’s fits nicely with little sagging. You will have to wear a singlet/slip underneath as the material is a little sheer (in these photos I wasn’t so you could 100% get away with it but I am a prude and need that security).

I am BEYOND excited for the rest of her collection – it all looks INCREDIBLE. Each piece is a work of art; original artwork with sass, badass-ery and a lot of pink (all you could want in a line)!  Just look at it!



Thank you so much Two Lippy Ladies for bringing Vixen to New Zealand – I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her pieces!


Remember Two Lippy Ladies are the only stockists in all of New Zealand. Get them while they’re still available!

Where you can find ‘My Hair is Full of Secrets”

More from shirts available from Two Lippy LadiesUntitled

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