A DAY IN THE LIFE 16/07/2016

Last Saturday Sam (the boyf) and I headed out to Wellington in search of the NZ wide Pokemon GO event so I thought I would photograph it. I’ve been wanting to do a sort of day in the life/vlog but in photographs (almost like a diary) for a long time! We headed into Wellington around 12.30, the meeting place was at Waitangi park on the cusp of Oriental Bay and on approach all we could see was a wave of red. Sam and I first thoughts were “Team Valor (red team) are really organised!” Then it hit me, all the people were ladies and were dressed in red dresses with a flowers in their hair – not a normal thing in Wellington. It was of course ‘The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever’ a global event with thousands of women, men & children participating in a Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush video reenactment.

Once we realized that these weren’t our Pokemon Go comrades  we walked along the waterfront taking photos and enjoying the sun – it was so warm and it’s mid-winter!
It was such a busy day in Wellington with so many people out not only was there the Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever event there was also an Emergency Services Expo “live-action role-plays and kit demonstrations put on by the police, firefighters, and Coastguard troops” and it was the weekly Saturday Market! The enticing smell of fried onion from the Saturday Market oozed onto the Waterfront so I had to have a look. Usually there isn’t a lot for me down there but there were a few interesting stalls – one had this gorgeous white swing dress for only $40 but it didn’t fit me, it was devastating. And the other stalls that I liked were just food ones specifically fudge – it looked so delicious!

From there we went to the Botanical Gardens because we were told that the Pokemon people would be there but we missed them again! Instead we took photos with the gorgeous scenery, ate cookies on a bench and went to the Carter Observatory! Once we got home we had fish and chips (my favourite) and watched The Truman Show ( a classic)!
Dress: Hellbunny
Shoes: Number One Shoe Warehouse
Flowers & cardigan: K-Mart
Belt: Two Lippy Ladies
Brooch: The Ambrosia Bowl

What did you get up to this weekend?

All photos of me are taken by my gorgeous boyfriend!

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