OOTD – 02/07/2016 – Ft. The Ambrosia Bowl


The sun was out and about last weekend so my boyfriend and I exploited it and walked around our local town taking photos of ourselves, the birds and just being general dorks. When planning an outfit I usually have a colour theme or it’s around an accessory so when my Alice in Wonderland brooch from The Ambrosia Bowl arrived I knew I had to stick with a blue theme! This outfit is a recycled one (surprise, surprise)! One I wore to the American Vehicle Day in February and I unfortunately didn’t get any photos of it so Saturday was my chance! One of my “pinup” goals (vomit) for 2016 was to accessorize more as I am incredibly lazy in the department and I feel like I’m actually achieving it!

The Ambrosia Bowl 1

Outfit of the day:
Hat: K-Mart
Dress: LazybonesThe Vintage Vault Dept.
Petticoat: Vintage
Belt, bolero & sunglasses: Two Lippy Ladies
Earrings: Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Shoes: Number One Shoe Warehouse

The Ambrosia Bowl 2

The Ambrosia Bowl is an Etsy shop created by Erin originally from Canada now residing in Stockholm, Sweden. The Ambrosia Bowl has a range of brooches (ten) mainly encapsulating your favorite Disney stars including; Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Mulan, Princess Jasmine and Ursula! One of my favourites is the Ralph Wiggum brooch because he has got to be one of the best characters from The Simpsons.
Each brooch is lovingly hand painted by Erin from recycled wood which gets the big ethical tick from me! Erin’s aim for The Ambrosia Bowl is “nostalgia, unabashed glee, and a touch of silliness” and I think that’s exactly what her collection brings to the table.

The Ambrosia Bowl 3

Erin kindly sent me an email asking which brooch I would like and I obviously had to pick the Alice in Wonderland brooch (if you didn’t know my first name is Alice). Not only for my namesake but for the colour coordinated outfits – the amount of blue in my wardrobe is ridiculous! I’ll say this now I am not the biggest fan of Disney but two movies that have always stood out to me were Alice in Wonderland (which I was named after) and the Sword in the Stone (I watched so many times as a kid)! And funnily enough Erin had both so it was a bit of a hard choice! Overall I’m incredibly happy with my brooch the quality is there, the pin itself has as latch so it stays on and the paint job is fantastic! And it took less than a week to arrive from Sweden – incredible!

The Ambrosia Bowl 4

I hope you all had a lovely weekend – what did you get up to? What did you wear? Also what are some of your favourite brooches out at the moment? I need more inspiration!


Where you can find The Ambrosia Bowl:
Etsy Store

Although this item has been sent to me all opinions are honest and of my own and I would never accept/promote anything that I wouldn’t spend my own money on.

4 thoughts on “OOTD – 02/07/2016 – Ft. The Ambrosia Bowl

  1. So delightful. I ADORE the brooch. Right now, if I am not wearing vintage, then I am wearing my own etsy jewelry line Housewife Chic by Ruby…well my daughters….I am just the spokeswoman and customer service lady…she is a talented artist and so creative and we are so honored to now be worn all over the world by so many lovely retro gals. I rarely accessorized before past earrings, but enjoying the look brooches add.


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