Well, it’s finally here.. Winter. It was inevitable really but I was still hoping it wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately I have zero winter approved clothing but I do have at least ten dresses made out of the lightest cotton ever and a few cardigans from k-mart (which aren’t doing the trick)! So I’m left with hypothermia feels every time I leave the house or in fact the comfort & warmth of my bed.  So I have come up with a Winter Wardrobe Wishlist. This is a general overview but I feel like it covers all of the bases; warming factors and keeping my cheesecake pinup aesthetic – cute and practical. I hope this can help some of you that are having a style block or just need some encouragement to buy more clothes. Please excuse the huge Collectif Clothing influence – there are just too many nice things on their website!!

Miss Flossypots - Wishlist - Wintery Layers
1.‘Bacall’ Red Knitted Jumper – Lindy Bop – $50.64 NZD
A little Christmas-y but I can live with it – maybe I want it because New Zealand has Christmas in Summer. And now I’m gonna make up for it by wearing a Christmas jumper in June. Nothing wrong with that, right?
2. Flora Daisy Cardigan – Collectif Clothing – $84.41 NZD
Now I know it’s not very ‘wintery’ but it’s blue and has sleeves. Flawed logic but it’s pretty and has daisies and I just can’t help myself!
3. Jean Bolero – Collectif Clothing  – $63.31 NZD
I love boleros and this looks snug as a bug and has that whole ‘ice queen’ vibe to it. I’m into that.
4. Esme Striped Jumper – Collectif Clothing – 73.86 NZD
Collectif Clothing on Facebook have been teasing that absolute shit out of me by posting this as their giveaway lately. It looks so warm and the colours are so complimentary to each other. It also has a real preppy vibe to it which is kind of my aesthetic and I have so many items that would go well with it. Give it to me. Please.

Miss Flossypots - Wishlist - Bottoms
1. Kirsty Denim Jeans – Collectif Clothing – $93.90 NZD
I’m not much of a jeans person but the last pair of jeans I got from Collectif are tolerable. So I’m open to a new pair that will warm the entirety of my legs and my tum. Best of both worlds.
2. Hell Bunny Jean Cigarette Pants – Gwynnies – $51.93 NZD
These are too cute not to want, kind of a tweedy vibe and would protect me from the harsh winds of Wellington.
3. Maddie Gingham Trousers -Collectif Clothing – $61.20 NZD
High waist-ed black and white gingham trousers – Cruella de Vil vibes much? I’m in.
4. Pippa Denim Dungarees – Collectif Clothing – $94.96 NZD
Flash back to my childhood. I don’t know why I want these but I have seen a few ladies rocking them and I want to be one of them.
5. Banned Petticoat – Two Lippy Ladies – $79.00 NZD
Oh my, I really need this petticoat in my life. My friend  Miss Connie Constance has one and the layers feel like clouds and it’s double layered (more poof and warmth)!
6.Voodoo Vixen Lola Lou Trousers – Gwynnies – $58.27 NZD
These trousers would look so cute with an apricot turtleneck and they remind me of Marilyn Monroe. So I gotta have them.

Miss Flossypots - Wishlist - Wintery Dresses & Skirts
1.Darling Festive Double Breasted Red Plaid 50s A Line Day Dress – Etsy  – $218.44 NZD
An Etsy find – one of a kind vintage which isn’t ideal if it sells before I have $$ but LindyBop has a similar dress which will be available in all sizes. Also the bow.
2. Mia Gingham Skirt – Collectif Clothing -$116.06 NZD
Gingham and plaid is going to be a bit of a trend. This skirt is more of a staple item that you can pair with so many different plain shirts, blouses or cardigans.
3. 1950’s plaid dress – Etsy – $167.22 NZD
A tribute to the 70’s but with a 50’s silhouette – pretty much my ideal dress.
4.‘Victoria’ Red Tartan Swing Dress – Lindybop – $84.41 NZD
The dupe! Love it.
5. ‘Peggy’ Fifties Style Black Rock ‘n’ Roll Full Circle Skirt – Lindybop – $42.20 NZD
Another staple item which can be paired with so many tops!
6. ‘Peggy’ Grey Tartan Full Circle Skirt – Lindybop – $46.42 NZD
A little Christmas-y AGAIN but it has an Audrey Horne look to it so I had to add it to the list.

Miss Flossypots - Wishlist - Wintery Footwear
1. Miss L Fire’s Daisy Flats – Collectif Clothing – $204.67 NZD
These are pricey but they are so nice and would go with so many outfits.
2. Lace Trim Ankle Socks – TopShop – $7.39 NZD
Lace trim socks in apricot – need I say more?
3.Carolina Leather Ankle Boots – The Iconic – $103.83 NZD
A little dressy but will keep your toes covered.
4. Talking Picture Flat in Rich Caramel – Modcloth -$73.18 NZD
Lace trim socks and these babies paired together would rock my world.
5. Lace Trim Ankle Socks – TopShop -$7.39 NZD
Another pair!
6. Women’s Sadie Saddle Shoe -Eastland -$124.42 NZD
Twin Peaks. ‘Nuff said.
7. Kicks of the Trade Heel – Modcloth – $101.06 NZD

Miss Flossypots - Wishlist - Accessories1. Lorena Hat – Collectif Clothing – $46.42 NZD
A little hostess-y but cute nonetheless paired with a few hair pins it could save your hairdo from rain.
2. Vintage MOD Scarf – Etsy – $7.53
The colours are everything in this scarf and would add a pop of colour to a dark outfit.
3. Twin Peaks Audrey Horne Cherry Hand Laser Cut Wood Brooch – Etsy -$27.12
I’m loving wood brooches and this Audrey brooch is amazing. Not winter-esque but it could be if you just believe.
4. ‘Bamboo’ Red Stripe Umbrella – Lindybop -$37.98 NZD
Just as an accessory really, I live in Wellington, New Zealand and it’s almost impossible to have an umbrella up without it breaking within five seconds.
5. Fashion Wool Beret – Hills Hats -$32.50 NZD
CHIC as hell and this site has berets in every colour you can think of. Just remember to pin it in place or say goodbye to your new beret.
6. Gloves – Etsy -$35.40 NZD
Not much of a glove wearer but I’m looking to change it now that I have to wait for buses that are always late.
7.Diamante Cluster Studs – Collectif Clothing-$20.05 NZD
I feel like these are the perfect earrings for any cardigan/jumper giving more of an authentic housewife look.
8. Elegant Pearl & Diamante Clip On Earring – Collectif Clothing  -$31.65 NZD
These with an emerald gown would be a match made in heaven!
9. Mexicana Carved Teardrop Earrings – Collectif Clothing -$14.77 NZD
If I could wear hooped earrings I would snap these up in a heartbeat.

Miss Flossypots - Wishlist - Wintery Coats

1. Hell Bunny Elvira Coat – Kabella Baby – $250.00 NZD
It’s like the Pearl Coat but cheaper AND available in New Zealand!
2. Pearl Coat – Collectif Clothing – $390.20 NZD
I don’t know where you have been if you haven’t heard of THE pearl coat. The coat of dreams comes in tan, navy and emerald and it’s almost a heartthrob in the pinup community. It’s also $390.20 NZD so unless I win the lottery it won’t be mine anytime soon but a girl can dream. Or make wishlists.
3. Collectif Bright and Beautiful Company Mariella Tapestry Coat – 19Black– $220.00 NZD
I love this coat, it’s so different and looks super toasty – paired with a faux fur hat would be very seventies chic.
4. Collectif B & B Mariella Checked Coat Orange – 19Black – $200.00 NZD
I’m in the love with the mod feel of this coat – it’s screams 1965 London. Teamed with white stockings and white gloves would make it off the charts hip. (I’m such a granny).

Well I hope that has satisfied and given inspiration to all of you. I’m left here wishing I could win the lottery and buy all of these things at once but for now I have this. Is there any winter clothing  that you have had your eye on lately? Please tell me all about them and we can cry together.













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