Growing up pancakes weren’t a want but simply a must so much so we had a dedicated day to it; Sunday a.k.a pancake day. My Mum would get up early and make these delicious thick, soft and buttery pancakes for my brother and I – we are pretty lucky to have a Mum like ours. The recipe is from a book (probably an eighties Alison Holst cookbook knowing Mum) with the spine almost broken and every page clean but the pancake page (a sign of a good recipe!) It has had so much use to the point where when opened it lands on the pancake page – like a sign from the pancake Gods. I love making these pancakes for my boyfriend and myself and have edited them slightly but nothing compares to the ones my Mum makes (probably because she would put cubes of butter between each pancake!)


These pancakes are ridiculously easy to make and are pretty quick too! They aren’t the crepe-y British style these are definitely thick calorific American styled which for me isn’t a bad thing. I personally prefer simple margarine and a bit of maple syrup drizzled across the body of a steaming hot pancake but what are some of your favourite combinations? I don’t think I have ever tried anything other than the simple marg and maple combo and would love some suggestions!


Makes four GIANT pancakes or eight medium pancakes


50g butter or margarine
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 1/2 cup flour
1 1/2 tsp of baking powder
3 tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract


In a small pot melt your butter/margarine and set aside for later.
Sift together all of your dry ingredients into a medium to large bowl and whisk until all dry ingredients are evenly distributed.
In the small pot which contains the butter add the eggs, milk and vanilla; whisk again until everything has fully combined.
Pour the liquid mix into your dry mix and whisk until combined and no longer lumpy; be sure to not over mix you want a delicate texture not a tough one!
From there heat a large pan on a medium to high heat and add a tbsp of butter (I didn’t add any as I have an amazing non stick pan which saves me constantly!)
TIP: Pour your pancake mix in batches into a Pyrex jug or a jug of some kind for easy pouring. 
Pour your pancake mix into the pan once the butter has melted (the more pancake mix poured in, the bigger the pancake – keep that in mind!)
You will know when to flip your pancakes when the bubbles that form on top start to pop – be sure to stick with that rule! (Pictured above)
Carry on in this fashion until your mix has run out – if you want to go all out and really decadent you can add butter to each pancake once they come out of the pan, so each layer soaks up more buttery goodness before eating. It’s soo bad for you but what isn’t?

You can mix it up and add berries, banana, chocolate – whatever floats your boat!


What are some your family foodie traditions?

Floss xo



  1. Try appel stroop (apple syrup) from the dutch section of the supermarket, or lemon juice and sugar. Mum also throws cubes of apple in the mix when its cooking in the pan. Yuuummm


    1. Oh my god! Apples in the pan with pancakes – maybe a sprinkle of brown sugar? Sound so good to me right now! I will keep an eye out for the appel stroop it sounds pretty delicious 😍💞 Thanks for the lovely comment xxx


  2. We do pancakes and cartoons every Sunday morning. One day we remembered that it’s quite exciting to be a grown up and do all the fun things you liked a a child without asking permission, so we reinstated weekend morning cartoons and added the best breakfast option on the menu. I make vegan chocolate and blueberry pancakes with bananas, whipped coconut cream and maple syrup. We were doing vegan buckwheat pancakes for a while too, with cinnamon, pears and banana. Mmm food 🙂


    1. Oh my, those pancakes sound delicious!! Do you mind sharing the recipes? I am looking into cutting dairy out of my diet so I always in need of some yummy vegan recipes. Have you tried Minimalist baker’s Vegan Carrot Coconut pancakes*? They are literally the best pancakes I have ever tried in my life!

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