The Chubby Diaries: Part one – JEANS.

When it comes to pants I’m not one to participate in that lifestyle – I am(was) a firm believer that I was not a pants kind of person, I don’t want material (or anything for that matter) clinging to my muffin top! In my eyes it’s like putting a billboard around one of my biggest insecurity; nah-uh not for me sorry I’m gonna have to pass.

On the other hand I have always loved that high waist-ed jeans look with cute crop tops  or Sandy from Grease in those black leather pants but I found most of these styles are styled on quite slim people and I’m most definitely am not one of them.  I have problem areas and my main one is my muffin top but I may have discovered a way to wear jeans without feeling like a tyre has been placed around my hips. Well by ‘way’ I mean I found a brand of jeans that is both flattering and comfortable – a rare pairing these days.

IMG_5519I consulted a few people but Miss Pixie Dust put me on the right track with Collectif Clothing – a brand I had never bought from but had heard a lot of good things about. I scrolled through their website and found their cropped Monroe Jeans the length looked flattering and had the rockabilly edge to them which I loved so I purchased them instantly. I was also looking for pants for work as I recently got a job in a cakery which involves a lot moving around, not a place for long skirts and petticoats. Anyway, I bought a pair just to test them out and I’m so glad I did. Note: I never ever wear shape-wear as I’m not interested in feeling confined – I’m all about comfort! (No offence if you find shape-wear comfortable, I am yet to find a breathable set!)

I bought my pair in a medium – UK size twelve and they are a bit baggy but to be fair I don’t have much of a butt and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to fit into a size ten. As soon as I put them on I instantly felt confident, I was super worried I was going to have that tyre effect and it was going to be one of those failed online purchases that happens to me a lot. The Monroe jeans aren’t meant to be clingy, they’re roomy but don’t make you look bigger than you are – a win/win and have ultimately have helped me achieve a rockabilly look without making me feeling super insecure.

Below is the sizing guide from Collectif Clothing – I went for the size 12 and this is how the jeans look like on me. My waist and hips aren’t the exact measurements allowing me to have a bit of wiggle room for days when I’ve eaten a little too much pasta or chocolate biscuits (most days). The Monroe Cropped jeans are made up of:
70% cotton – Helps with breath ability and is soft.
28% polyester – fights against shrinking, stretching and creasing.
2% spandex – Provides a little bit of elasticity and strengthens.

So if you’re like me and have been wanting to take the plunge but were too scared of #tyregate then I say go for it. Everyone is different and mass produced jeans aren’t going to look/fit perfectly on every single person this is just my experience but I’m pretty picky and I think they’re pretty fab!

If you enjoyed this little segment on my blog let me know what you would like me to style next. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Chubby Diaries: Part one – JEANS.

  1. I have a pair of Lady K Loves, and I love them, been tempted by these since for summer I like cropped pants ..I am between sizes tho so…i am a 10 in the waist and a 12 in the hips…as I am 26.5/27-38.5-39 … look so super cute…again, tempted.


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