Pinup Girl Clothing -Ava Swing Dress in Black Taffeta


This year was my first time participating in the Black Friday sales – although I didn’t buy a lot I do feel like I truly treated myself. There was SOO much hype around the Pinup Girl Clothing sale and I kind of dismissed it at first then it came to the night of the sales… Dresses, blouses, shoes, skirts were scattered all over my instagram feed. Taunting me, I’m sure of it. So I decided to have a wee peak at the website and came across a deal I couldn’t refuse the Ava Swing Dress in Black Taffeta for $86.00 USD! I compared prices and made sure I wouldn’t be stung by customs fees (I have learned that lesson the hard way!) and their price came out on top. Sometimes you have to treat yourself and a dress like this is definitely worth it.

IMG_2679 Fit: Somehow Pinup Girl Clothing have this technology/wizardry to make  every dress look good on every body? I don’t know how but they do. I  was a bit nervous buying a medium but I zipped it on with ease (there is stretch in the torso)  I’m a size ten-twelve so I guess that’s fair sizing. The only problem I have as you will see in the photos below, is that there’s a crease or some kind of layering around the waist which kind of pops out and can be a little frustrating – I don’t know if my torso is too short or what? IMG_2662Zipper: This needs it’s own paragraph because zippers are important. Huzzah, for a proper zipper and no invisible bullshit zipper that will break/not zip up if it’s in the wrong direction! This just glides up and down the back with no kinks or struggles. #blessdatzipIMG_2667Shipping – Okay so this is where it gets a little sad. All international shipping is priced at a whopping $28.00 USD – that’s around $41.00 NZD and though I do get it (they use FedEx which is an incredibly trustworthy/fast service) it’s just hard to see $41.00 go to shipping. If it wasn’t for the Black Friday sales – I don’t think I would have purchased from their site (thoughts before purchase – now I would definitely buy from the site.) On the other hand, I genuinely can’t fault the delivery time and how fast the order was put through – I received my parcel  within a week in perfect packaging and a 10% discount code on all future purchases (that’s some reaaal good customer service.)IMG_2701Quality– The quality of the Ava Swing Dress is out of this world for the price. The dress is 60% polyester, 35% nylon and 5% spandex which makes for a torso with a bit of give and a glamorous  swing skirt. The length of this dress is just to die for – the dress ends mid calf on me (I’m 5’6) which is perfect and gives it more of an authentic vintage feel.  It’s definitely an evening dress I think but you can dress it down with a big black sun hat and some black ballet flats. IMG_2698Pinup Girl Clothing– “We believe in hassle free, personalized service, delivered with sincerity and respect. Profit is important to us, but not at the expense of fun, and here at Pinup Girl Clothing, we love what we do and look forward to helping you look fabulous! Since 1999, the originator of Pinup Style: Couture for Every Body!” – ref That pretty much sums the brand up when you’re purchasing from PUG. I feel like the brand has considered every body type when making every dress in all their collections. It’s not a cheap dress that you will get rid of next year or the year after, each purchase is a treasure and if you look after it, it could become genuine vintage. IMG_2686Overview: I’m not one to feel beautiful or anything special but when I put on this dress I feel amazing, glamorous, even. I’m incredibly happy with my purchase and I kind of want the Ava dress and the Ava Swing dress in every colour (R.I.P bank account!) As I get older I’m starting to really believe in ‘quality over quantity’ and that you really get do getwhat you pay for!

10/10 – What are some of your wishlist items from PUG? I have so/too many!

Also sorry for the photos in this post – just as I went out it started to rain (just my luck!)IMG_2703

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